Treasures of the CSU

Below is a list of subjects, click on campus links to find information about the treasure.
If the campus has websites with more details that will be listed once you choose a campus.

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 Maddy, Kenneth  Fresno
 Maps and Atlases  Fullerton
 East Bay aka Hayward
 McHugh, Jimmy  Los Angeles
 Manuscript  East Bay aka Hayward
 Long Beach
 San Diego
 San Francisco
 Markham, Edwin  San Jose
 Meteorology  San Diego
 Mexican Americans  Channel Islands
 Mexico  Fresno
 Military  Maritime Academy
 Monterey Bay
 Mining Industry  Humboldt
 Music  Los Angeles
 San Jose
 Musicians  San Jose
 San Francisco
 Native Americans  Chico
 Long Beach
 Nava, Julian  Los Angeles
 Neutra, Richard  Pomona
 Opera  Los Angeles
 Oral Histories  Bakersfield
 Channel Islands
 Long Beach
 San Bernardino
 Orchids  San Diego
 Owen, Albert Kimsey  Fresno
 Pashayan, Chip  Fresno
 Poet  San Jose
 Photographs  Fresno
 San Diego
 San Jose
 Play Scripts  Los Angeles
 Polemical Literature  Fullerton
 Political Movements  Fullerton
 Portuguese Americans  Stanislaus
 Prayer Book  Long Beach
 Printing  Los Angeles
 Public Officials  Channel Islands
 Dominguez Hills
 Los Angeles
 San Bernardino
 Quinn, Anthony  Los Angeles


 Radio Shows  Northridge
 Railroad Industry  Humboldt
 Ranching  East Bay aka Hayward
 San Luis Obispo
 Rancho San Pedro  Dominguez Hills
 Rock Music  Northridge
 Rose Parade  Pomona
 Rowe, Joseph  San Bernardino
 Rowe, W.P.  San Bernardino
 Roybal, Edward  Los Angeles
 Sahl, Ted  San Jose
 San Diego  San Diego
 San Francisco Bay Area  San Francisco
 San Francisco State  San Francisco
 San Joaquin Valley  Bakersfield
 San Jose  San Jose
 Santa Ana River  San Bernardino
 Santa Clara  San Jose
 Sayad Assyrian  Stanislaus
 Science Fiction  Fullerton
 Scientific Instruments  Humboldt
 San Diego
 Scripts  Los Angeles
 Scores  Los Angeles
 Sexuality  Northridge
 Sheet Music  Fresno
 Los Angeles
 Shipping  Maritime Academy
 Silicon Valley  San Jose
 Sisk, Bernie  Fresno
 Soriano, Raphael  Pomona
 Sound Recordings  San Francisco
 South Bay  Dominguez Hills
 Space Shuttle Challenger  Channel Islands
 Spanish Language  San Marcos
 Stanislaus County  Stanislaus
 Steinbeck, John  San Jose
 Student Strike  San Francisco



 Technology  East Bay aka Hayward
 Television Shows  Northridge
 San Francisco
 Theater  Los Angeles
 Theological  Stanislaus
 Topologampo Bay  Fresno
 Unions  San Francisco
 United States Congressman  Channel Islands
 Dominguez Hills
 Los Angeles
 San Bernardino
 Urbanism  Northridge
 Utopian Colony  Fresno
 Ventura County  Channel Islands
 Viniculture  Fresno
 Warren, Harry  Los Angeles
 Water  San Bernardino
 Watergate Transcripts  Channel Islands
 Weather  San Diego
 Wine Industry  Fresno
 Writer(s)  Fullerton
 Monterey Bay
 San Francisco
 San Jose
 Women  Long Beach
 World War II  Long Beach