California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction-South

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday April 16, 1999 10:30 am -1:00 pm
CSU Los Angeles

Present: Judy Lee, Vicki Williamson, Teresa Omidsalar. CARLDIG members: Lise Snyder, Linda Salem, Suellen Cox, Deborah Moore, Elizabeth Housewright, Christina Woo, Susan Tschabrun.

1. Introductions
Judy Lee chaired the meeting for Nancy Getty who was unable to attend.

2. Announcements

3. Treasurer's Report

Judy Lee reported that as of April 15 the CCLI treasury has $3784.65.

4. Correction/addition to the minutes of Feb. 16, 1999 regarding IIL

At the Feb. 16 CCLI-South meeting members discussed what might be the requirements needed to undertake hosting or cosponsoring such an institute. The members concluded that we did not have the facilities or the staffing available and necessary to do either successfully, but that perhaps we could consider funding a partial or full scholarship for a participant.

5. Nominating Committee for next year's officers

A ballot has to go out before the June program. Vicky Williamson will be the new Chair. Will need to have nominations for Chair Elect, Treasurer (2 year position), and Secretary. Will attempt to do this over email.

6. Change in by-laws regarding reimbursement of appointed officers

Elected officers receive reimbursement for travel, purchasing refreshments, etc. Appointed officers, such as the newsletter editor and webmaster do not. Members agreed that appointed officers should also receive reimbursements. The by-laws will be changed to reflect this.

7. Spring Program preparations

Vicki Williamson reported that Lori Ricigliano, Associate Director of the Collins Library at the University of Puget Sound will be the speaker at the Spring Program which is scheduled for Friday, June 18, 1999 at UC San Diego. The program is titled, "After X Comes Y: Teaching the Next Generation". We discussed the honorarium, cost of the program, program schedule, flyer, program location, deadline for registration, lunch and refreshments, etc. Vicky will put together a flyer for the program and FAX it to the CCLI board for their input.

8. Discussion with CARLDIG regarding Fall Joint Program

The members had a productive discussion. The members decided that the program would be held at the Library at CSU Fullerton on Friday, Dec. 3, 1999. It will be a half-day program followed by a no-host lunch for those interested in attending. The format of the program will be a moderated discussion focusing on instruction of electronic resources. Those attending will be asked to forward questions along with their registration. We came up with a few people who could moderate, but we are still open to other names. We hope to have a moderator selected by the end of June. Registration fees will be $10.00 for members (CCLI or CARL), retirees, and library school students and $14.00 for non-members. Costs and profits will be divided between CCLI and CARLDIG. More details were emailed to those interested in working on the program.

9. Other

Those present discussed the possibility of CCLI becoming a CARL interest group.CARL does not have an interest group solely devoted to bibliographic instruction. Many expressed a desire for CCLI to look into this possibility. Some suggestions were: to discuss with CCLI-North, to look at the CARL bylaws on the CARL website, and to ask Esther Grassian about the history of CCLI. The CCLI depository could also be given to the CARL archives. This item will be discussed at a future CCLI meeting when more of the CCLI steering committee members are present.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm. A future meeting was not scheduled.

Respectfully submitted, Teresa Portilla Omidsalar CCLI - South Secretary