California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction-South

Meeting Minutes

Friday, February 25, 2000
Mount St. Mary's College, Doheny Campus Library

Vicki Williamson, Chair, UC San Diego
Judy Lee, Treasurer, UC Riverside
Celia Brockenbrough, Fullerton College
Gale Burrows, The Claremont Colleges
Teresa Grenot, Santa Monica College
Linda McCann, USC
Chris Maestas, Mount St. Mary's College
Amy Wallace, The Claremont Colleges

1. Announcements and Round Robin:
Introductions and welcome to new officers.

Vicki Williamson:
The newsletter has been sent out. It included the special ballot for pursuing an affiliation with CARL as an interest group. The Next CARL board meeting will be held March 27, 2000. It is suggested that we provide some form of direction for our affiliation by that time. UCSD is to re-open their yet-unnamed, renovated undergraduate library as a large computer commons. The facility will include three librarians for instruction and will not have a reference desk.

Judy Lee: Discussed the concerns regarding paying for a librarian to speak at the spring workshop. It was presented that the CARL board election results will be announced earlier before people leave for the summer. The discussion of the impending increase in CARL dues ensued. It was further suggested that an email update should be sent out to remind members about the ballot and the possible increase in CARL dues. The CARL 2000 Conference is set for October 6 and 7, 2000 in Long Beach.

Teresa Grenot: The renovation project at Santa Monica College was discussed.

Chris Maestas: Meeting attendees were welcomed to the Doheny Campus Library of MSMC. A brief overview of the school was provided.

2. Minutes of April 16, 1999 meeting.

After a few minor changes were made, the minutes of the April 16 meeting were approved.



3. Announcements

CCLI-South will not have an Open House this January 2000 because it would come so close after the joint CARLDIG/CCLI Program which is scheduled for December 3 at CSU Fullerton.

UCSD: The undergraduate library is closed and under renovation. It is scheduled to be reopened in Fall Quarter 2000. A contest to name the library is underway.

UCR: Judy Lee and Nancy Getty are preparing to teach a four-part component to a two-unit course titled, Step-by-Step to College Success. They are developing lessons using coursewear and Web-in-a-Box.

CSUN: All undergraduates must go through an information competence lecture series. The CSUN library might use CSU San Luis Obispo's website on information competency as a test.

USC: Doheny Library will be closing for approximately one year for seismic retrofitting. During this time the Leavey Library will be offering instruction for basic courses.


2. Treasurer's report

Balance from December 3, 1999, $3027.46

A credit for the Winter Program was $153.87

Debits totaled $25.00.

The current balance is $3156.33.

5. Discussion of the CARL Affiliation:

The discussion to affiliate included the ballot that is being sent with the newsletter, the possible impact on CCLI's autonomy, and the disposition of current CCLI funds, future membership dues for CCLI for the year 2000, and how future programs will be funded. Chris volunteered to provide a draft of a proposal for affiliating with CARL should the membership decide to affiliate.

6. Spring Program Planning:

Linda began the discussion on the spring program. The planning is in advanced stages and there is a slight discussion on the actual date because of a possible conflict with a UC system "Best Practices" workshop. The tentative name for our program is "The Lowdown on High Tech Materials" presented by Elizabeth Dupuis. The date conflict was discussed and it was moved that we continue on with the scheduled date of Friday, June 16. The deadline for registration will be June 7, 2000. The tentative time is 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and the location is UC Riverside. Arrangements are being made for lunch from UCR campus catering. Lunch menus were passed around and a food discussion ensued. Linda said that she will discuss the room arrangement with the presenter.

7. Nominations/Election Planning:

Announcement: Linda McCann, Chair-Elect will be leaving the area for one year during her term as Chair. It was discussed that the ballot for 2000/2001 officers include a new Chair. Vicki encouraged members to inquire about persons who might wish to run for board for next year, including Chair. A small group of members is needed to serve on a nominations/election committee.


The date of the next meeting will be May 22, 2000. Location to be announced.

Recorded by: Chris Maestas.