sCIL Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2001

Present: Gale Burrow, Claremont; Chad Kahl, Cal-State Los Angeles; Judy Lee, UCR; Sarah McDaniel, USC

  1. Minutes Approved for February and March

  2. Treasurer's report: balance remains at $2949.64

  3. Spring Program
    Randy Hensley will present a workshop on active learning 5/18/01. The workshop, limited to fifty participants, will be held at the Pomona Valley Mining Co.. They will arrange the ballroom with five round tables for 10 people each, and additional tables so that people can do small-group work. Claremont will provide projector and laptop, and an Internet connection is not needed. The cost estimate is $1200 for arrangements and $1200 for speaker expenses (airfare, 1 night hotel, $600 honorarium).

    Chad will receive mail registrations and list registrants on a web page. No refunds after Monday 5/14 at 5pm. Food will include choice of cheese or turkey croissant, chocolate cake (could we have it later?), soft drinks and bottled water for a break in the afternoon. Electronic announcement will post to sCIL list, CARLALL, BI-L, CCLI-North and library school listservs.

  4. Regional Program Proposal.

    Judy and Gale will outline potential CARL commitment for 6/4 CARL Executive Board Meeting, at the teleconference site at Cerritos College.

The next meeting will be held 6/1 at USC.

By laws and elections update.

CARL Officers traditionally change with calendar year, but a change to the bylaws is not urgent.

Sarah McDaniel