sCIL Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2001

CSU Fullerton


Barbara Miller CSU Fullerton
Deborah Moore Glendale Community College (volunteer scribe, e-style)
Judith Downie CSU San Marcos
Debbi Renfrow National University
Barbie McConnell CSU Fullerton
Suellen Cox CSU Fullerton
Stephanie Wical Palomar (student), Lab Assistant (Grossmont)
Rosemary McGill CSU Fullerton
Angelynn King University of Redlands
Judy Lee UC Riverside
Chad Kahl CSU Los Angeles

Round Robin Discussion

Topic: Current Fall Instruction Activities

Debbi Renfrow -- affirmation- instructor sent flowers

Judy Lee -- What to do to reach Education students; "it's like herding cats".


Other topics:

What things do you avoid in BI?

Angelynn – When having problems with student distraction, do a demo in a separate room with no student computers and then take them into the computer lab.

Barbara -- split a big class of 60 people into 2 parts and do instruction separately.

Would WANs help with this problem?

Deborah – Has anyone used laptops and/or dedicated workstations with wireless technologies for instruction sessions? (For those situations when library instruction labs are not available.)

This might be a good topic for a workshop -- how do we deal with the increasing number of students attending Cal. schools with the decreasing budgets we receive? (Panel discussion? Working solutions session? Combination of the two? Panelists could be moderators for small group break-out sessions and then they could come back together and report what they came up with.)


11:40am – Started meeting

Corrections to September’s minutes: Suellen pointed out that the room numbers should read PL instead of RM -- PL440 is the unnamed room on the list.

Treasurer's Report: Chad reported that we have $3,313.81

Proposed Bylaws Draft discussion

Regional Immersion Proposal

CARL Preconference – We have decided not to do a CARL preconference due to time constraints and sCIL activities already being planned. It was reported that CARL has received enough proposals for the Preconference sessions.

Next meeting:

Friday, Nov. 30, tentatively at UC Riverside (with Claremont as a backup location)

Judy will let us know.

Thanks to Rosemary for providing treats for the October meeting.

Next election could possibly be as early as December 2001, depending on the Bylaws voting.

Winter Open House: Judy suggested we do it at CSU Fullerton. There was also discussion about holding the Open House at places like UCSB or San Diego in the future.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm