CARL-sCIL Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2001

CSU Fullerton


Rosemary McGill -- CSU Fullerton
Judith Downey -- CSU San Marcos
Amy Wallace -- Claremont Colleges
Melanie Remy -- USC
Deborah Moore – Glendale Community College (volunteer scribe)
Judy Lee -- UC Riverside (present for the beginning of the meeting)

Rosemary took us on a tour of CSU Fullerton so we could see if it could work for the sCIL Open House in January.

Bylaws: given to those in attendance and to be reviewed before the next meeting. Judith talked about them a bit.

Next meeting: It was decided that the next meeting would be Oct. 19 at CSU Fullerton again to give more members to see the facilities. Time will be 10:30-1:00. Will need to set other meeting dates at the next meeting.

Timing for election of new officers: Amy suggested the election be held at our spring meeting, so we don't have to mail ballots or do electronic voting. More discussion is needed at the next meeting (the "coup" says, since none of the elected officials are here – we started calling ourselves a coup).

CARL Preconference: Amy -- we should do it. Judith mentioned that Anne Fiegen at CSU San Marcos expressed interest. We all agreed we should do it.

We didn't talk about IIL Regional Immersion program; needs to be addressed at the next meeting.

At the next meeting, we also need to begin to discuss Jan. Open House -- what will we do, who will we invite, etc.?