sCIL Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2002

University of Redlands

Attendees: Celia Brockenbrough (RCC — Norco Campus), Gale Burrow (Claremont), Judith Downie (CSU — San Marcos), Nancy Getty (UC — Riverside), Chad Kahl (CSU — Los Angeles), Angelynn King (University of Redlands), Judy Lee (UC — Riverside), Sarah McDaniel (USC), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Debbi Renfrow (National University), Amy Wallace (UC — San Diego)

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Accepted Agenda
  3. Minutes of 3/29/02 approved with minor corrections
  4. Treasury
  5. Treasury now at $3,300. Judy Lee contacted the CARL President about sCIL’s future use of the funds once it was turned over to the CARL treasury. The request was acknowledged and agreed to by CARL President John McGinnis. Judy Lee will send a check for the sCIL treasury and letter to Vicki Rosen, the CARL Treasurer, with copies to Gale Burrow, Chad Kahl, and John McGinnis.

  6. Old Business
    1. Nominating Committee: Nancy Getty will chair the committee to expedite the process
    2. Spring Program (Gale Burrow).
    3. Debra Gilchrist is coming 6/21/02. We will cap registration at 70 people. A site for the program needs to be finalized (Chapman? Irvine?). Gale will send a "save the date" message to the listserv. We need to set registration costs and timeline over email. The program should be publicized with fliers at the LAUC Spring Assembly and at the CARL Conference.

      In order to avoid redundancy with the Immersion curriculum, Deb proposed that attendees come in "teams" with a project currently in existence, then write objectives and a plan for their project in terms of Information Literacy. We will ask Deb to compose a message to attendees with additional details on the type of materials that would be appropriate.

    4. 2003 Regional Immersion Proposal

      Deborah Moore has plugged all three sites’ information into a table and sent each site their own information for corrections and verification. ACRL has two other groups interested in sponsoring regional programs in 2003, and is expecting our proposal but not soliciting further proposals.

      Judy Lee discussed insurance for the IIL with the CARL President: insurance needs to be negotiated separately for each event. However, CARL has indicated its willingness to handle this responsibility. ALA takes 20% of registration for administrative costs when they handle registration. sCIL, as well as CARL, would prefer to handle registration locally. ALA may be interested in this proposal as part of a move to "federalize" the regional programs. We’ll indicate our willingness to pilot a less centralized approach.

      Attendees discussed revisions to the proposal and cover letter written by Judy Lee. Judy Lee will forward the latest version of the proposal document to John McGinnis, who will distribute it to selected members of the CARL Board for comments.

The next meeting will be 5/17/02 at Cerritos Community College.

Sarah McDaniel