sCIL Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2002


University of Southern California


Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Nancy Getty (Glendale Community College), Chad Kahl (CSU Los Angeles), Rosemary McGill (CSU Fullerton), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Dorothy Potter (Pasadena Community College), Melanie Remy (USC), Amy Wallace (UC San Diego)

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Minutes

Minutes from the previous meeting will be sent to the board. Approval will be done via email. Amy will have Duffy post approved minutes to the website. Note: Gale suggested that only the minutes from the current year be listed individually and minutes from previous years be linked for the year (e.g., 200, 2001, etc.). She also was not able to find the bylaws on the sCIL website. Amy will convey her thoughts to Duffy.

III. Old/Continuing Business

A. Winter Open House

Five proposals were received for the Open House. Four out of the five proposals were accepted. Deb will also ask Carol Womack from Santa Monica if she is interested in speaking. Since that will mean five presenters, Rosemary will see if she can secure an extra room at Cal State Fullerton.

Rosemary will handle local arrangements.

Amy will contact all that submitted proposals. For those that were accepted she will notify them that they will present twice, when they are presenting, confirm equipment needed, tell them their registration fee is covered, ask them if sCIL can post a summary of their talk on the website, and provide them with any other directions and details. Amy will send all presenter info to Chad and cc the board. Amy will work with Rosemary on equipment requests.

Gale will bring the Open House Evaluation and CARL registration information to the Open House. Gale will ask for note takers to summarize the Open House sessions in her opening remarks, and Melanie will coordinate sign-ups for the note takers.

Deb will bring a save the date flyer for the Spring Program to the Open House.

Chad will handle registration and reimbursements.


B. Immersion 2004

Deb and Gale have not received word from ACRL on the sCIL 2004 Immersion proposal. Gale will send Margot Sutton at ACRL a reminder that we need to move on the location selection so that we can secure a location.

C. Call for Meeting/Program Locations

Gale will send out a call for locations that could be used for board meetings and programs.

D. Spring Program

Chad had suggested a Spring Program on transitioning from "BI" to Information Literacy at the last meeting.The board agreed that this would make a good topic. Deb will contact Ilene Rockman to be the keynote speaker. Many ideas were discussed on workshop format, including panels, hands-on sessions, using IL documentation, and breaking participants up by institution type or stage in the IL process. All discussions on workshop format are on hold until Deb is able to talk with Ilene.

IV. New Business

A. Co-Sponsoring a workshop with ABLE-South

ABLE-South is planning a workshop on business instruction and has asked sCIL to co-sponsor. The workshop is planned for Fall 2003. The board agreed to pursue co-sponsoring the workshop. The board had some questions for ABLE-South. What does co-sponsoring mean? When and where will the workshop be held.

B. Elections

The board will talk more about Elections at the February board meeting. We need a slate by April, ballots out by May, and election results to CARL by June.

V. Round Robin

Melanie said that USC was involved in strategic planning, and wanted to know which accrediting agencies talk about Information Literacy in their documentation. Chad suggested an article by Bonnie Gratch-Lindauer which compares how each accrediting agency handles Information Literacy.

Dorothy asked what people were using to evaluate instructors. All agreed to share any evaluations they were using via email. Melanie said USC uses a web evaluation. They change it after each semester so it does not get boring, but some of the same elements are kept so data can be compared over time. They also use the evaluation to solicit help from professors to better integrate library instruction into particular courses. Gale said that Claremont has moved away from instructor evaluations. They now ask students at the end of the session two things. List three things you learned in this session. List three things that you hoped you would learn or are still not clear on. The student name and email are also asked for, but not required, so that the librarian can get back to the student with answers to their questions.

Gale talked about a peer coaching program for library instruction that Claremont will implement in spring semester. She asked if others have been involved or would like to be involved in peer coaching. No one was formally doing this type of program, but all were interested. Melanie from USC said she was planning to implement it with a small group of librarians this spring. At Claremont the participating librarians will partner up. The participants will create criteria to use in their observations. They will observe several of each others library sessions and then debrief. Gale hopes the program will create a dialogue about instruction. Melanie said she would like to get USC involved. Amy was interested in partnering inside and outside her institution (maybe through video taping sessions). Several members also suggested having UCLA Information Science students come observe.

VI. Adjournment

Next meeting will be on Friday February 28th at Pasadena City College.