sCIL Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2002

University of California, Riverside

Present: Gale Burrow (Claremont), Nancy Getty (UC-Riverside), Chad Kahl (CSULA), Judy Lee (UCR), Rosemary McGill (CSU-Fullerton), Sarah McDaniel (USC), Deb Moore (Glendale Community College), Debbi Renfrow (National University), Amy Wallace (UCSD),

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Minutes of 1/11/02 accepted with revisions.
  3. Status of Treasury
  4. Open House Registration income was $1,252. Chad will close out the sCIL account and generate a check to CARL (as arranged when CCLI-South became a CARL interest group). Rosemary McGill is awaiting reimbursement for catering: in the future we should move up registration deadlines to allow time for CARL to generate a check in advance. So far, no problems are foreseen for sCIL plans to utilize the treasury once it is turned over to CARL.

  5. Old Business
    1. Recap on Open House: Judy Lee submitted a summaryfor the CARL Newsletter. Judith Downie’s summary of evaluations yielded a lot of good data for future programs. There was interest in programming on assessment. The feasability of adding another program to the sCIL calendar was discussed. We will investigate interest in adding a workshop-format program or local speaker in future evaluations.
    2. 2003 IIL Regional Immersion Program Proposal to CARL: Deborah Moore, Judy Lee, and Judith Downie will look over proposals from the three possible sites (Claremont, UC-Irvine, and UCLA) and decide how to proceed. They may present a choice of three sites in the proposals, as this approach was used successfully by the Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries. Estimates submitted will include site cost and ACRL cost.
  6. New Business
    1. Future Meetings and Venues
      1. March 29 at Glendale Community College
      2. April 26 at Redlands
      3. May and June meeting dates and venues will be decided over email. Claremont, Cerritos and UCLA are possible venues.
    2. Spring Program: Arrangements were underway for a program on assessment with national speaker Deb Gilchrist (she has since let Gale Burrow know that she is no longer available in May). The preferred date is 5/17/02, and Chapman will be investigated as a possible site.
    3. CARL Regional Meeting 2/25/02 at Chapman: The new online membership directory will be unveiled. Judy Lee will attend to talk about programs and the Immersion proposal.
    4. Nominating Committee for next election: The bylaws article 5 state that "In April, the Nominating/Election Committee shall submit a slate of candidates to the Steering Committee." Gale Burrow, Nancy Getty and Rosemary McGill will send out a call for Nominating Committee volunteers to the sCIL list, as this is a good way to get new people involved. The Nominating Committee of 3-5 people will prepare a slate by the end of March.
  7. Round Robin
  8. Adjournment

Sarah McDaniel