sCIL Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2002

University of Southern California

Present: Gale Burrow (Claremont), Judith DOwnie (CSU-San Marcos), Nancy Getty (UCR), Chad Kahl (CSU-LA), Angelynn King (Redlands), Judy Lee (UCR), Sarah McDaniel (USC), Rosemary McGill (CSU Fullerton), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (National)

1. Minutes approved with Revisions (Sarah McDaniel)

2. Treasurer's Report (Chad Kahl)

We should develop a contingency plan for use of the sCIL Treasury in case we are not successful in our application for a regional immersion. Suggestions included inviting Deb Gilchrist or another nationally known speaker, or using the treasury as seed money for LOEX-of-the-West. Chad will continue to find out procedures for turning the sCIL treasury over to CARL.

3. Old Business

Sarah McDaniel