sCIL Meeting Minutes

March 29, 2002


Glendale Community College

Present: Gale Burrow (Claremont), Nancy Getty (UC-Riverside), Chad Kahl (CSU-LA), Angelynn King (Redlands), Judy Lee (UC-Riverside), Sarah McDaniel (USC), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (National University).

  1. Welcome
  2. Accept Agenda
  3. Minutes of 2/22/02 Approved
  4. Treasury
  5. Judy Lee will talk to John McGuiness of CARL about the transition of the Treasury. Judy will write a personal check to bring the balance to an even number.

  6. Old Business
    1. Spring Program (Gale Burrow)
    2. Deborah Gilchrist can come Friday June 21, after ALA and before LOEX-of-the-West. We will explore Chapman as a possible venue. Gale will provide Deb with information on sCIL and the Spring Program conducted by Randy Hensley last year, and ask Deb to supply a few possible program topics. We will need to close registration earlier to accommodate CARL accounting procedures.

    3. 2003 Institute for Information Literacy Regional Immersion Proposal
    4. Deborah Moore plugged information supplied by the three potential sites (UCLA, UCI, Claremont) into the format used in the Wisconsin proposal, and will solicit the information needed to fill out the rest of the chart by next week, then give each institution a chance to correct their own information. Sarah will ask the Wisconsin Immersion group for additional information on the letters of support they provided from "host institution and any allied groups". We will need three letters, one from the appropriate administrator at each potential host institution, indicating support and information on the library’s instruction program.

      We will collect information on WASC (accrediting agency) standards,

      We will also seek indications of support from libraries across the state: would they send two people to an immersion program? We divided up institutions by type: Gale will draft a letter to administrators, Chad will contact CSU’s, Melanie and Sarah will contact SCELC members, Deborah will contact Community Colleges, and Nancy Getty will contact UC’s.

      Judy will work on drafting the proposal text and a letter of support from sCIL, with a target date prior to the 4/26 meeting. She will also contact CCLI-North and the CARL board for support (organizational and/or monetary). SCIL will meet 4/26 to discuss the proposal.

    5. Nominating Committee
    6. The Nominating Committee is composed of Nancy Getty, Gale Burrow, and Rosemary McGill. Open Positions are Secretary, Program Registrar, Vice Chair/Chair Elect and terms run from 7/02 to 12/03. Publicity is a nominated position, we may renew Duffy Tweedy if he’s interested.

      The nominating committee will contact Elizabeth Ginno for a list of current sCIL members. We could order mailing labels from CARL, but it might be simpler to send out a ballot electronically and have members print out and mail their votes.

      Sarah McDaniel