sCIL Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2002


Libraries of The Claremont Colleges


Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Nancy Getty, Chad Kahl (CSU Los Angeles), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Melanie Remy (USC), Amy Wallace (UC San Diego)

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. A message will go out on the CARL list to solicit advisory board volunteers. All members present were encouraged to recruit new members.

  3. Minutes
  4. Minutes from the previous meeting will be sent to the board. Approval will be done via email.

  5. Old/Continuing Business.
    1. Reports from June program
    2. Gale is compiling the June Program evaluation comments and statistics. Preliminary comments were very positive. We may want to hold it somewhere else next year, since the last two Spring Programs were in the Pomona/Claremont area. Henri Mondschein from Cal Lutheran has done a write-up of the program, which appeared on the sCIL web site and is in the current issue of the CARL Newsletter (September, 2002). Chad reported that the Spring Program had 51 attendees (32 CARL members, 18 non-CARL members and 1 student) and CARL made $713.49 on the program. The two sCIL programs for 2002 netted CARL just under a thousand dollars.

    3. 2003 IIL Regional Immersion Program Proposal to CARL
    4. ACRL was already working with a Midwest consortia to host a regional Immersion in 2003. Southern California could still be considered for a 2003 regional program but it was unlikely that two regionals would be granted, given the commitments required by the Immersion faculty to do so. The board agreed that it would be best for Gale to contact ACRL and have them re-submit the sCIL application for 2004, particularly since ACRL expressed strong and positive interest to work with sCIL to bring a regional Immersion program to the California area. Gale will also ask ACRL what the typical costs for ACRL have been and what the typical costs for the food and lodging have been for past sites.

      ACRL asked if sCIL could rank the three sites it submitted in its application. Deb has confirmed that all the sites could still host in July/August 2004 if Southern California is chosen. Deb will be contacting each site for additional information on costs and facilities. Also to confirm that when a site was chosen that the institution would be able to provide a representative to attend the sCIL meeting for planning purposes. Deb will send out the revised questionnaire out to the sites by September 21 and ask for it back by October 4. Group of Chad, Nancy, and Melanie will consider October 7-11, and send a ranked recommendation to Deb by October 11. Any needed site visits will be done the week of October 14, so sCIL would be able to provide a recommendation to ACRL by October 25.

    5. LOEX/West

    Idaho is the location for LOEX of the West 2004. Gale will contact Idaho to see about offering Southern California as a site in 2006.


  6. New Business.
    1. Fall meeting dates/locations
    2. October 25 Board Meeting San Diego Area

      December 6 Board Meeting Central Los Angeles Area

      January 17 Open House TBA

      February 28 Board Meeting TBA

      April 25 Board Meeting TBA

      May 23 Spring Program TBA

      June 6 Board Meeting TBA

      Amy will send a message to Duffy to post these dates to the website and ask for volunteers to host meetings.

    3. CARL Conference planning
    4. CARL is interested in sCIL offering a pre-conference at the CARL Conference 2004.

    5. Open House 2003

    Tentatively scheduled for January 17. Need to contact other CARL Interest Groups to confirm the date. Location to be determined at the October 25 Board Meeting. Proposed themes included specialized populations and marketing our instruction and programs.

    D. Publicist

    We need to appoint a publicist as specified in the recently adopted Bylaws. This individual would handle publicity and public relations functions, which should particularly ease the burden on the sCIL officers overseeing the Open House and Spring Program.

  7. Round Robin.
  8. Melanie initiated a discussion on promotion/marketing of instruction. The group discussed difficulties and things that have worked at particular institutions.

    Judy announced that UCR has hired a new library director who will begin November 4th. The new University Librarian is Dr. Ruth Jackson, who comes from Wichita State University. Judy also circulated a job announcement (not yet posted) for a Library Instruction/Information Literacy Coordinator with the Reference Services Department at UC Riverside’s Rivera Library.

    Deborah talked about the upcoming Green Film Festival.

  9. Adjournment.