sCIL Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2003
Pasadena City College Library
Pasadena, CA



Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Nancy Getty (Glendale Community College), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Tracey Mayfield (CSU Long Beach), Rosemary McGill (CSU Fullerton), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Dorothy Potter (Pasadena City College), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (National University), Amy Wallace (UC San Diego), Stephanie Wells (Rio Hondo Community College), Carol Womack (Santa Monica Community College)

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Agenda Approval/Adjustment

Add item for the email to solicit locations for meetings and programs.

III. Minutes

All minutes are approved and posted on the SCIL website.

IV. Old/Continuing Business

  1. Winter Open House Reports
  2. Gale compiled the Winter Open House evaluation forms and will send out a summary. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. There were a few negative comments here and there. One comment was that the program did not really address marketing. In the future we may need to be more specific about how the topic will be addressed, or emphasize that the topic should not be the focus of the open house but rather the purpose of the open house is to share ideas and cool things people are doing at their libraries. Either way we probably need more information on the website prior to the event. Gale also wrote a quick summary for the CARL Newsletter.

    Melanie coordinated the presentation summaries, which are now up on the website.

    There were 71 attendees, which was down from 93 attendees last year. The event made money for CARL.

  3. Publicity Coordinator
  4. Debbi Renfrow has agreed to be the SCIL Publicity Coordinator. She will serve as our liaison to the CARL newsletter coordinator and the CCLI-North Board. Judy Lee will see who wants to be the contact to CCLI-North and send the name to Debbi. Debbi will promote the Winter Open House program summaries that are up on the website.

  5. Immersion 2004
  6. Gale heard from Margot Sutton at ACRL. The Institute for Information Literacy Immersion faculty will be considering the dates in 2004 put forward in the SCIL proposal. In the proposal Claremont was named as the first choice location. Deb Moore will contact the other sites and let them know that Claremont was put forward as SCIL’s first choice location. Judy Lee will contact CCLI —North and let them know the status of the proposal.

    At the next meeting SCIL will need to begin to identify tasks in order to put out a call for volunteers. The call will go out to all CARL members.


  7. Co-sponsoring programs with other CARL Interest Groups
  8. SCIL will be co-hosting a program with SEAL-South and CARLDIG titled,"Integrating Information Literacy into the disciplines: Is Science Different?" CARL-DIG will do the registration. SCIL will do publicity to all lists but CARL DIG and SEAL. For more information on the program go to:

    SCIL will have a representative in Deb Moore at the program to help with daily activities.

    Ann Feigen from the ABLE Interest Group has contacted Gale Burrow about SCIL to co-sponsor another program. Gale will get details from Ann.

  9. Spring Program

The program is set for May 23rd. Amy Wallace will contact Ron Rodriquez about using Chapman University as a location. Deb Moore is in contact with Ilene Rockman. Topic will be moving from BI to curriculum based instruction. SCIL members expressed interest in hearing from people other than librarians such as faculty and administrators. It was suggested there be panelists, and putting a call out the the listserv asking people if they could recommend any good panelists. Members suggested maybe organizing speaker by library type or stage in the process. Deb will ask Ilene about options for the program format.


V. New Business

  1. Revising SCIL meeting dates and selecting locations
  2. March 28th Meeting moved to April 4th. Will be at CSU Long Beach.

    April 25th Meeting moved to May 2nd. Amy Wallace offered to host at her home in Yorba Linda.

    June 6th meeting was not moved. Location TBA.

  3. Hosting Email
  4. Gale Burrow handed out a draft of an email to be posted to the CARL list to solicit locations to host meetings and programs. Please send comments to Gale.

  5. Report from CARL — South Regional Meeting (2/21 at Cal State LA)
  6. The contact to post information to CARLALL is Elizabeth Ginno at CSU Hayward. Also contact Elizabeth if you are having any problems with your CARL passwords. <>

    Judy Lee is on the program planning committee for the 2004 CARL Conference. The theme is "Mission Architecture: Philosophical Foundations of Academic and Research Libraries." The program planning committee is working to identify needed committees. Contact Judy if you have ideas for tracks, speakers, or pre-conferences. SCIL will submit a proposal for a pre-conference. Several topics were suggested at the CARL meeting. Suellen Cox from CSU Fullerton suggested a pre-conference on grant writing, which seemed to be of interest to SCIL board members. Another theme suggested was budget. Judy will contact CCLI-North to see if they might be interested in a joint endeavor for a pre-conference or within the program.

    There is a petition for a CARL Technology Interest Group.

    CARL member news. Laura Smart is now at Cal Poly Pomona. Sue Curzon (CSU Northridge) and Jerry Campbell (USC) have been appointed to WASC.

    Not all CARL Interest Groups have bylaws. Those without bylaws: ABLE, CARLDIG, DIAL. GPIG is working on bylaws. Those with bylaws: SEAL, CSUL, SCIL. SCIL has recently revised bylaws.

    Idea that we should propose a SCIL birthday party. Members think SCIL will be 30 years old by or in 2004.

  7. sCIL or SCIL
The Steering Committee voted to go with SCIL.

VI. Round Robin

There was a short discussion on LOEX of the West. We realized that for a 2008 application, a proposal would have to be submitted in 2004. Gale was going to check on contacts of the 2004 & 2006 conferences for ideas.

Last meeting Deb Moore reported that the grant funding that supported databases and workshops at Glendale Community College was going away. Since that meeting there was an outcry from the students, faculty, and staff and the college is now working on a way to provide permanent support for these resources and services. She also has research to support that library classes are making a difference in student research.

Carol Womack reported that Santa Monica College Library is in temporary quarters and will hopefully be back in a new facility that will open in the Fall 2003.

Tracey Mayfield from CSULB reported that the library will be remodeled and a new automated book retrieval system is part of the plan.

VII. Adjournment

Next meeting will be on Friday April 4th at CSU Long Beach.