SCIL Meeting Minutes

July 18, 2003
CSU Long Beach
Long Beach, CA


Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Connie Costatino (Alliant International University), April Cunningham (National University), Judith Downie (CSU San Marcos), Katy Farrell (UC San Diego), Linda Heichman (CSU Fullerton), Angelynn King (Redlands), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Robin Lockerby (National University), Tracey Mayfield (CSU Long Beach), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Wanda Ramser (Saddleback Community College), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Duffy Tweedy (UC San Diego), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands), Wynne Weiss (National University)

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Agenda Approval/Adjustment

III. Minutes

Minutes were approved electronically. Duffy Tweedy posted the minutes to the website.

IV. Old/Continuing Business

  1. Elections
  2. Congratulations to our new officers Melanie Remy (Vice Chair/Chair Elect), Amy Wallace (Secretary), and Lynn Lampert (Program Registrar). The new officers will take office in January 2004.

    The bylaw changes passed.

  3. 2004 California Regional Immersion
  4. Gale Burrow would like to compile a list on who is on which 2004 California Regional Immersion subcommittee. Subcommittee chairs are to submit to Gale Burrow ( the names and email addresses of those that volunteered for their committee but were not chosen. Subcommittees are asked to email reports to Gale Burrow and Duffy Tweedy on the 1st of every month.

    Reports from Subcommittees:

    Activities Committee (Emily Woolery, Chair) — We have formed a committee that consists of Doug Fruehling (Pt. Loma), Rob Sage (CSUF), Ruth Wallach (USC), Amy, and myself.  We have begun communications about the opening reception and off-site activity.  For the off-site activity, some locations we are considering are Descanso Gardens, Fullerton Arboretum, Huntington Library, L.A. County Arboretum (Arcadia), and a retreat/BBQ area in Pomona/Claremont (Amy knows of this location).  I have phone numbers and we should be able to begin phone calls for pricing and availability.

    I have a few questions, though they might be premature at this stage:
    --> How do we pay for deposits and final bills?
    --> Will we use busses for the off-campus activity, or do attendees drive their own cars?
    --> Does the Activity Committee make all the decisions about the activities, or do we bring ideas to SCIL for final agreement?  (I'm new to SCIL, so I'm not quite sure how its committees work.)

    Gale Burrow will contact CARL to find out how we will go about paying for deposits and final bills. We will need buses but will need to know more about the activity before we make these arrangements. SCIL would like the subcommittee to bring 3 or so ideas with cost estimates, accessibility,  pros and cons, etc back to the board.

    Applications Subcommittee (Tracey Mayfield, Chair) — Subcommittee has been formed. The group will meet today following the meeting.

    Sponsors Subcommittee (Nancy Getty, Chair) — I have three people on my committee; I've emailed them; two out of three are on vacation and not currently available, so that's as far as we have gone.  

    Publicity Subcommittee (Debbi Renfrow, Chair) — Subcommittee has been formed. The group is working on a timeline for advertisement, and with Sarah McDaniel to help with publicity in Northern California.

    Website Subcommittee (Duffy Tweedy, Chair) — Subcommittee has formed. Duffy found out that ACRL does not require us to have any thing specific on the website. The group is working on a snappy theme and logo.

  5. ABLE-S Program Planning
  6. Melanie Remy (As Incoming Vice Chair) will be the SCIL liaison for this program. Melanie will contact Ann Feigan of ABLE-S. The program will be on business instruction. Linda Heichman is also on the planning committee for ABLE-S.

  7. CARL Pre-Conferences

CARL Program planning committee met yesterday. The conference hotel has changed ownership, so the committee is confirming that all arrangements will remain the same for the conference. Currently there are three rooms in the afternoon, and three rooms in the morning reserved for pre-conferences. That means there are only six available slots. The committee is looking into the possibility of booking additional rooms Thursday morning for groups interested in having a full day pre-conference.

The group discussed possible themes for a SCIL sponsored pre-conference. Many people were interested in a learning space, technology, and student learning theme. The SCIL pre-conference committee will meet following this meeting to discuss ideas and a timeline to prepare the SCIL submission. The CARL pre-conference submission deadline is September 12.

A question arose about publishing the pre-conference in a conference proceedings or a journal. CARL has no plans to publish the proceedings for the upcoming conference, but may be interested in doing so in the future. The group was interested in submitting the pre-conference to a journal and/or publishing it to the SCIL website.

V. New Business

  1. Location and Date For September Meeting
  2. There will be no September Meeting. The next meeting will be on Friday October 3 at University of Redlands Library.

  3. 2004 LOEX Keynote

Deb Moore asked SCIL members if they had any ideas from a keynote speaker for the 2004 LOEX Conference. Any suggested names will be forwarded on to Deb Biggs Thomas at LOEX.  If you have suggestions please send them to Deb Moore at

VI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned so that each of the 2004 California Regional Immersion Subcommittees and CARL Pre-Conference Subcommittee could meet. The next meeting will be on Friday October 3 at University of Redlands Library.


Recorded by Amy Wallace