SCIL Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2004
Mt. San Antonio College Library, Room 222

Mt. San Antonio College



Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), April Cunningham (National University), Nancy Getty (Glendale Community College), Rosemary McGill (CSU Fullerton), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Dorothy Potter (Pasadena City College), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Duffy Tweedy (UC San Diego), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands), and Emily Woolery (Mt. SAC).

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Agenda Approval/Adjustment

Approved without adjustment.

III. Minutes

Minutes were approved electronically and are up on the website.

IV. Continuing Business

A. CARL Pre-Conference

Melanie Remy will ask Katy Farrell and Marlo Young to write up their presentation for the SCIL Website. The summary of the learning experiences developed during the morning activity are up on the SCIL website, including the information literacy outcome, floor plan, and summary of the learning experience. Gale Burrow sent a report of the pre-conference to the CARL Newsletter editor. Melanie Remy will write a report on the pre-conference for the CARL Board Meeting on June 11, 2004. Katy and Marlo submitted the afternoon segment of the pre-conference for the upcoming ACRL Conference, and Melanie will be submitting the morning segment of the pre-conference for the upcoming ACRL Conference on behalf of SCIL.

B. 2004 California Regional Immersion

Deb Moore handed around new cost estimates and a tentative schedule.

Emily Woolery, chair of the events committee, handed out a revised estimate for events. The group discussed costs, food arrangements, and payment dates. Amy Wallace will confirm with the artist and let him know the subject of the secret painting.

Nancy Getty, chair of the fundraising committee, gave the fundraising report. Her group has collected $300. in sponsorships and has a few more interested parties. She will also talk with Margot at ACRL to see if there is any chance that we can contact any of the sponsors ACRL has been working with for the National Immersion. There was also a discussion of sending out a email out to the SCIL and CARL list to see if anyone was interested in making a personal contribution.

Duffy Tweedy, chair of the website committee, gave an update on the Immersion website. Content is current and correct. Driving directions are up. It was decided that the participants list would go up on the WebCT website since it is password protected and not the general Immersion website. Gale Burrow will work on the "what is within walking distance" information sheet for both the website and the registration packets. Gale will visit the dorm rooms in order to compile a list of what participants might need to bring with them to Immersion. Laptops will be able to access wireless in the library and anywhere on campus. There is now a link to the Immersion WebCT site from the SCIL Immersion website.

New Committees were formed:

On-Site Registration — Rosemary McGill, Deb Moore, Gale Burrow, Chisa Uyeki, and Emily Woolery. This group will be responsible for on-site registration and campus tours from 2-5pm on Thursday. Amy Wallace will help with campus tours.

Local Information Packet — Debbi Renfrow, Melanie Remy, and April Cunningham.

Transportation — Dorothy Potter and Alan.

Faculty Gift — Deb Moore.

The group reviewed the current schedule. Gale Burrow will touch base with Susan Barnes Whyte and verify the schedule.


V. New Business


No discussion. Angelynn no longer needed the survey.

VI. Round Robin

Nancy Getty will join the faculty of Glendale Community College.

VII. Adjournment

The next meeting will be on Wednesday June 30 at Claremont. Gale Burrow will send out directions. Group will meet at 9:30 to look at spaces for the CA Regional immersion. The regular meeting will begin at 10:30.


Recorded by Amy Wallace