SCIL Meeting Minutes


April 22, 2005

Soka University of America

Aliso Viejo, CA





Susanna Eng (USC), Katy Farrell (UC San Diego), Nancy Getty (Glendale Community College), Catherine Haras (CSU Los Angeles), Maryann Hight (Soka), Angelynn King (University of Redlands), Lynn Lampert (CSU Northridge), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Val Ontell (San Diego Mesa College), Cathy Outten (CSU Long Beach), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Stacy Shotsberger (CSU Fullerton), Dominique Turnbow (UC Los Angeles), Duffy Tweedy (UC San Diego), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands), Kimberly Wilcox (CSU Long Beach Intern), Emily Woolery (Mt. San Antonio College)



I.          Welcome and Introductions


Maryann Hight shared about the history of Soka University of America, which opened in 2001.  SCIL extends a thank you to Saeed FakhriRavari, Interim Directory of the Library, for treating SCIL members to lunch in the campus cafeteria.


II.         Agenda Approval/Adjustment


III.                    Minutes


March minutes were approved electronically and Duffy Tweedy posted them to the website.


IV.        Continuing Business


A.         ACRL Workshop Report


Melanie Remy distributed a summary evaluation results.  There were 46 attendees and 32 evaluations were received.  Evaluations were very positive and moderators noted good sharing at the tables.


Table moderators should get their reports to Melanie, who will forward them to Amy Wallace for compilation and Duffy Tweedy for posting on the web site.


B.         Spring Program Update:  Friday, May 6, 2005


Katy Farrell distributed drafts of the program and evaluation form.  Katy requested SCIL members serve as table moderators.  Volunteers signed up, and Katy will forward Dr. LilesŐ handouts/activities to volunteers a few days before the program.  10 volunteers may be needed.


Katy noted a few supplies are needed – Deb Moore, Amy Wallace, and Katy will provide large post-it pads; Nancy Getty and Deb will provide markers; and Katy will provide handouts and folders.  Katy may also create a bookmark.


Lynn Lampert reported we have 80 attendees and 1 person on the wait list.  Breakfast will include bagels, yogurt, and a variety of beverages.  Boxed lunches will include sandwiches, fruit salad, cookies, and a drink.  The afternoon break will include fruit and veggie platters, dessert items, and beverages.  CSU Northridge Library kindly offered to cover the breakfast costs.  SCIL members volunteered to bring some food and beverages and Lynn will send an e-mail to remind those volunteers.


Parking will cost $4.00 and there are several lots with a short walk to the library.  Some CSU permits will be honored.  Duffy Tweedy and Lynn asked members to review parking directions posted on SCILŐs web site and forward any comments to them.


Katy and Lynn have already requested funds from CARL Treasurer, Ann Hotta.  Members that bring food or supplies should promptly submit their receipts to Lynn for reimbursement.


Members discussed the possibility of raffling off items.  The Spring Program registration fee will be given to one attendee.  Another idea was to raffle off one or two books recommended by Dr. Liles.


C.         LOEX 2007 Planning


Deb Moore has spoken with LOEX coordinator, Theresa Valko, and she distributed three handouts based on this conversation – general notes from her conversation, a technology bid for May 2005 LOEX, and a spreadsheet of expenses for LOEX 2005.  According to Theresa, we must cover everything with $45,000.  250 attendees at $250 each will bring $47,500.  Deb will re-work estimates with Katy Farrell, Val Ontell, and Duffy Tweedy to see how close we come to this goal.  If estimated costs exceed $45,000, there are a few options – asking LOEX to increase registration fee; getting sponsorship from CARL and/or SCIL; or getting sponsorship from vendors.  Melanie Remy will also contact CARL President, Jean Purnell, and CARL Vice-President, Suellen Cox, about the possibility of ŇbankingÓ funds raised at upcoming SCIL events.


Val Ontell asked that SCIL decide on a location soon and pay the deposit.  It will take Theresa Valko two weeks to cut the check for this deposit.


Melanie Remy distributed themes from past LOEX and LOEX of the West.  Angelynn King will contact colleagues at University of Hawaii at Hilo, who will host LOEX of the West 2006.  Further discussion of themes will occur at future meetings.


Melanie suggested SCIL appoint or elect coordinators to oversee LOEX activities.  This arrangement will free current and incoming officers to conduct the usual SCIL business.  Members agreed to appoint three coordinators to cover facilities, speakers/programs, and attendees/publicity.  Melanie will send out a call for applicants, including job expectations, and SCIL officers will make the appointments.  Coordinators will be honorary officers, so regular communication and meeting attendance will be expected.


D.         New SCIL Logo


Melanie Remy discussed creating a new logo.  Duffy Tweedy has created several images, which are posted on the web site.  Duffy will send an e-mail listing the URL; members should review the images and send comments to Duffy.  Once a new logo is chosen, the SCIL web site may also be redesigned.  Further discussion will occur at future SCIL meetings.


E.         Creative Use of SCIL Meetings


This item was tabled.

V.         New Business


A.         SCIL CARL 2006 Pre-Conference – Proposals due June 17


Melanie Remy and Amy Wallace asked whether SCIL is interested in submitting a proposal for a pre-conference.  The conference theme, Beyond the Ivory Tower: Creative Strategies for Learning & Leading, fits well with SCILŐs interests.  Amy is willing to submit the proposal for SCIL.  She will contact members of CCLI North to see if they are interested in co-sponsoring the pre-conference.  Amy will also send out an e-mail to solicit ideas for the event.


B.         Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on Friday, June 10, 2005, at CSU Long Beach.


VI.        Round Robin


Debbi Renfrow spoke for Chisa Uyeki, who sent a big thank you for the baby shower SCIL held at the March 11 meeting.  Chisa is still awaiting her due date and she is doing well.


Deb Moore has scheduled a Glen Ivy trip for Saturday, May 21.  Contact Deb if you want to join the fun.


VII.       Adjournment



Minutes recorded by Emily Woolery.