SCIL Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 2, 2005
CSU Long Beach

Attendees:  Katy Farrell, UC San Diego; Debbi Renfrow, UC Riverside; Maryann Hight, Soka University; Kimberley Wilcox, Azusa Pacific University; Deborah Moore, Glendale Community College; Melanie Remy, USC; Tracey Mayfield, CSU Long Beach; Phoebe Nelson, UCLA/CSULB; Teri Scott, SJSU/CSULB; Catherine Haras, CSU Los Angeles; Nancy Getty, Glendale Community College; Val Ontell, San Diego Mesa; Stacy Russo, CSU Fullerton; April Cunningham, Saddleback College; Dominique Turnbow, UCLA; Angela Boyd, Southgate Educational Center Library/Santa Monica Public Library; Amy Wallace, CSU Channel Islands; Elisa Slater, Loyola Marymount University; Donald Page, Cal Poly Pomona

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Agenda approval/adjustment

III. Minutes

IV. Continuing Business

a. SCIL Elections Report

New officers for 2006: 

By-law changes were approved to hold elections in the fall.  We may possibly need a person to volunteer as Webmaster if Duffy cannot manage this along with his LOEX coordinator duties. Debbi Renfrow  is also stepping down as publicist, so we will need a volunteer for that position as well. The Board will appoint a new publicist by the end of the year.

b. SCIL Works Update

The program committee has selected four presentations:

  1. “Around it Goes: From Grant Development to Program Assessment for an Information Competence Program in Public Policy and Administration.”
    Kelly Janousek, California State University, Long Beach           
  2. “Classroom Observations: A First Step Toward Assessing Student Learning Outcomes.”
    Deborah Moore and Nancy Getty, Glendale Community College
  3. “Engaging Millennials through Problem-Based Learning: Report on a Pilot Freshman Seminar with an Information Literacy Focus.”
    Henri Mondschein, California Lutheran University
  4. “Where Technology and Information Literacy Meet: Interactive Web-based Tutorials for Lifelong Learning.”
    Pamela Jackson, San Diego State University and Bridget Kowalczyk, San José State University.

Three poster session presentations have also been selected.

Discussion about registration and how much SCIL should charge. Some considerations are: parking at San Marcos is $6 and San Diego is a bit far for many to drive. The quoted catering costs may go up in 2006. However SCIL will make a profit if fees are $15 for members, $20 for non-members, and $10 for students, and it is decided to use these fees. Fees were calculated based on estimated attendance of 65.

There are a few typos in the registration form, and these will be corrected. The announcement for registration will go out next week. Nancy Getty will go ahead and start accepting registrations even though her term does not begin until January 1, 2006.  Nancy will be out of the country December 9-29, but her colleague Deb Moore will pull her mail while she is gone.

On the day of the program, people will be recruited to write summaries of each session for the SCIL website. The CARL newsletter deadline is Feb. 15, and Stacy Russo volunteers to do a write-up of the program for that.

c. CARL 2006 SCIL/CCLI Pre-conference update

Amy Wallace is coordinating a pre-conference workshop on Friday April 21st. The speaker from WASC is Elizabeth Griego, the Associate Director of WASC. Amy has a list of possible panelists for the program. It is suggested that she try to enlist a variety of people, perhaps one from a community college, one person from a private institution and one from a large state university. Discussion follows about what kinds of questions should the panel address.  Conversation erupted over accommodations at Asilomar and Melanie had to get the gavel out to restore order!

d. LOEX Theme and Planning

Melanie passed out lists of suggestions and comments for the theme. These suggestions are summarized as follows:

Amy will go over this summary to see if she can pull out some common themes for us to consider.

Melanie and Amy are working on securing speakers for the program.  Some ideas include someone who is an educational demographer, someone who is well-known nationally, can identify trends and concerns for instruction nationwide, and someone who can address practical needs. Dominique is going to a Gaming and Libraries conference. She will keep her eyes and ears open for some ideas while she is there.

Melanie passes around a draft listing the areas of responsibility for the LOEX conference coordinators. 

Deb Moore reports on her communications with Theresa Valko of LOEX, who is helping SCIL coordinate.  The suggestion was made that SCIL establish a LOEX mailing list so necessary communications get to everyone. We need to establish who will be Theresa’s primary contact; probably Duffy since he is handling finances. Deb will stay in the communication loop and help. Deb asks: Would the coordinators like to be on the Maryland LOEX list as observers? Or—can we establish contact with their coordinators as resource people?

Discussion about how to choose presenters:  How can we make sure presentations are fresh and new, and not a recycled presentation from another conference?

e. New SCIL logo

New logo designs are on the website, and also are passed around at the meeting. A vote was taken to pick a favorite, but no clear winner was established. Katy mentions that she would also like to submit a logo. We vote to allow Katy to submit a logo before a final design decision is made.  In the meantime, we will contact the contestants, ask them to go ahead and pay the fee for the SCIL Works program, and if their design is chosen, their check will be returned at the workshop.

f. CARL and LOEX

Melanie had sent a memo to the CARL board asking that they sponsor some part of the LOEX conference. The board is interested in sponsoring an honorarium for a speaker and may give as much as $1800 to that purpose. The CARL board asks that SCIL emphasize that SCIL is a subgroup of CARL. Discussion follows about how SCIL interacts with CARL, and that we should perhaps share more information with the CARL board members. Tracey of course will be at the next CARL meeting and she will bring some ideas to the board for ways SCIL can help improve communications between the interest groups.

SCIL Election

There was some confusion about a candidate biography versus a statement. Next year will we will have a better template and discuss having a maximum word limit for each section (or not!). Melanie will work on a draft of  a template for statements and bios for use in the next elections.

V.   New Business

Jeff Liles has indicated to Katy that he would be open to coming back and speaking at our spring program.  We have to settle on a date—the two under consideration are May 12 or May 19. These dates are close to graduations at some institutions. Katy will talk to Jeff—when can he come?

Location of the spring program—Claremont is one possibility, also CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach (available for May 19) or UC Irvine. Northridge is not a popular location. 

VI. Round Robin

Katherine reports on efforts at UCLA to assess life long information literacy initiatives, including K-12.  Look for a survey coming soon.  Val reports there is a group in San Diego with similar goals.

One belated round-robin item that came in through email from Angela Boyd:

The 1st CARL-South Mini-Conference: An Eclectic Day of Programs and Research Presentations is coming up on December 9.

Next SCIL meeting is January 13 at Claremont.

Mention of the upcoming USC/UCLA game was carefully avoided by all.

Happy Holidays!

VII.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Maryann Hight