SCIL Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2005

San Diego Mesa College

San Diego, CA





Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), April Cunningham (Palomar Community College), Judith Downie (CSU San Marcos), Katy Farrell (UC San Diego), Nancy Getty (Glendale Community College), Maryann Hight (Soka), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Val Ontell (San Diego Mesa College), Corinne Pitcher (SJSU SLIS), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Pauline Swartz (UCLA), Duffy Tweedy (UCSD), Chisa Uyeki (CSU Los Angeles), Emily Woolery (Mt. SAC)



I.          Welcome and Introductions


II.         Agenda Approval/Adjustment


Archives, Creative Use of SCIL Time, and CARL Report were added to New Business.


III.        Minutes


December minutes were approved electronically and Duffy Tweedy posted them to the website.


IV.        Continuing Business


A.             Immersion Evaluation


Deb Moore received a copy of California Regional Immersion evaluations from Susan Barnes Whyte, and she shared the communication, food service, housing, and program facilities results.  With the exception of food service, everything was rated good or excellent.


Gale Burrow has been asked to write a report for the ACRL Immersion site and will discuss this report with Deb.  Deb also wants to write a longer planning report similar to the LOEX planning report we have received.


B.             SCIL Works Debriefing


Melanie Remy reported on the January 21 SCIL Works 2005, held at CSU Long Beach.  It went smoothly and presentations were good.  The Dean of the Library paid for the food.


Gale Burrow requested Lynn Lampert keep track of how much we contribute to CARL.  Deb Moore further suggested this become a regular registrar report.


It was discussed whether SCIL can produce handouts for speakers that cannot afford to do so.  Some suggestions were to have SCIL charge extra to cover these costs; clarify what CARLŐs Executive Board will reimburse and, if they qualify, itemize handouts as an expense; reimburse the host site for making copies; make copies on a case-by-case basis.


The four poster sessions were favorably received.  It was requested that handouts be included in poster sessions.  It was also requested that poster session titles be listed on SCILŐs web site.


46 evaluations were received.  Presentations were favorably received.  Parking was the biggest complaint.  Other complaints included loud and dimly lit classrooms and not enough active learning.  Active learning is not always appropriate to a presentation.  In the future SCIL will distinguish talks as presentations, workshops, or panel sessions on the web site and program.


Suggestions for future topics include – team teaching; peer teaching; doing research and publishing; student intellectual development; more sessions like Debra Quast, who presented real ideas; information literacy (for graduate students and subject specific); round table; project management; presentation skills; and active learning.


There was some interest in the project management suggestion, but it may be a topic that is broader than SCIL.  Perhaps it could be a joint program or something CARL would consider.


Melanie is awaiting presentations and, once received, will submit them to Duffy Tweedy to post on SCILŐs web site.  She is also awaiting write-ups about each presentation.  Stephanie Brasley and Pauline Swartz will write up the entire program for the CARL newsletter; this report is due to Liz Ginno by February 15.


SCIL Works had few expenses – large Post-It pads might be the only expense.


C.             ACRL Workshop Update and Initial Plans


SCIL is hosting a workshop at ACRL on Saturday, April 9.  The workshop slot is from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.; however, there is a mandatory break for attendees to view poster sessions from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  SCIL Steering Committee members that are attending ACRL include Gale Burrow, April Cunningham, Katy Farrell, Lynn Lampert, Tracey Mayfield, Deb Moore, Melanie Remy, and Amy Wallace.  They will lead a modified version of the CARL preconference on working with instruction space.  Amy will start the session with a brief talk, followed by two activities.  Melanie will contact those involved to arrange one or two meetings.


D.             Spring Program – Friday, May 6, 2005


Three sites have volunteered to host the Spring Program – CSU Northridge, CSU San Marcos, and UCLA.  Sites should hold 60-70 attendees and round tables that seat 6 to 8 attendees are preferred.  It is preferred not to pay for the room because SCIL may have to give an honorarium.  Parking is $6.00 at CSU San Marcos and $7.00 at UCLA.  The budget will be built around the number of attendees, as food costs as passed on to attendees.  An estimated $1,000 ($250-500 honorarium + $500 airfare) could easily be covered by 60+ attendees.  In the past SCIL has charged around $50 for the Spring Program.


Katy Farrell suggested SCIL invite Dr. Jeffrey A. Liles, an education professor at St. John Fisher College.  Katy studied with Dr. Liles, who taught teaching and learning theory to librarians and coached them through one-shot lectures.  He has worked as an Information Literacy Coordinator and is also familiar with assessment.  Dr. Liles has stated he is available on May 6, and Katy will confirm his interest.


The group discussed asking Dr. Liles to lead a series for SCIL, perhaps in Spring Ő05, Fall Ő05, and Spring Ő06.  Katy will see whether he is interested and available for a series of talks.


Themes were discussed – working the one-shot into information literacy; engaging and motivating a media-savvy audience; teaching and learning; cognitive styles; and barriers to learning.  Katy will incorporate some of these ideas and post a Ňsave the dateÓ announcement in the upcoming CARL newsletter.


E.             LOEX 2007 Update


Val Ontell has begun investigating hotels in San Diego.  Hotels must accommodate 250 people and LOEX expects rates to be about $120 per night.  Downtown is the preferred area.  Val will work with April Cunningham, Katy Farrell, and Duffy Tweedy to investigate locations.  They will submit a request for proposals through the Convention & Business Bureau, a free service to find hotels.  They will report three choices at the March 11 meeting.


Preferred date for LOEX 2007 is May 4,5,6.  May 13 is MotherŐs Day and May 20 may conflict with graduations.


Deb Moore and Melanie Remy will look into forming committees.

V.         New Business


A.             SCIL Archives


Emily Woolery questioned whether she needs to save SCIL documents for SCILŐs or CARLŐs archives.  Past SCIL chairs have kept papers and CCLI has documents at UCSD.  Should chairs/secretaries compile meeting minutes, event programs and summaries, and treasurer reports?  Is SCILŐs web site our archive?  It was also suggested program planning tips be added to the web site.  This topic will be added to future meeting agendas.


B.           Creative Use of SCIL Time


Gale Burrow asked how we can add more discussion time to SCIL meetings.  It was suggested reports be sent via e-mail to save time at meetings.  Another suggestion was to host social events for library school students at San Jose State University (Fullerton) and UCLA.  Melanie Remy will post this discussion topic on SCILŐs steering group list.


C.           Report from CARL


Judy Lee announced the CARL South Regional Meeting on Friday, February 18.  The meeting will be held at CSU Los Angeles, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., and individuals should RSVP to Suellen Cox.  Lunch will be provided.


VI.        Round Robin


On behalf of SCIL, Nancy Getty presented Deb Moore with a gift to thank Deb for her hard work on Immersion. 


Judith Downie announced CSUL South is hosting a program on MetaLib, including technical information and its use with students.  Program will be held at CSU Fullerton on Friday, April 29, 2005, from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Chisa Uyeki announced that CSU Los Angeles is accepting applications for the University Librarian position.  Applications are due March 1, 2005.


VII.       Adjournment

The next meeting will be March 11, 2005 at Glendale Community College in Glendale. 


Minutes recorded by Emily Woolery.