SCIL Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2005

Glendale Community College

Glendale, CA





Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), April Cunningham (Palomar Community College), Katy Farrell (UC San Diego), Nancy Getty (Glendale Community College), Coco Halverson (California Institute of the Arts), Catherine Haras (CSU Los Angeles), Maryann Hight (Soka), Lynn Lampert (CSU Northridge), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Tracey Mayfield (CSU Long Beach), Deborah Moore (Glendale Community College), Cathy Outten (CSU Long Beach), Debra Quast (Glendale Community College), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Stacy Shotsberger (CSU Fullerton), Duffy Tweedy (UC San Diego), Chisa Uyeki (CSU Los Angeles), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands), Kimberly Wilcox (CSU Long Beach Intern), Emily Woolery (Mt. SAC)



I.          Welcome and Introductions


II.         Agenda Approval/Adjustment


III.        Minutes


January minutes were approved electronically and Duffy Tweedy posted them to the website.  It was requested that minutes be distributed and approved within 7-10 days following the meeting.


IV.        Continuing Business


A.             Spring Program:  Friday, May 6, 2005


Katy Farrell reported that SCILŐs Spring Program will be held at CSU Northridge, Oviatt Library, on Friday, May 6, 2005.  Dr. Jeff Liles, from St. John Fisher College, will lead the program entitled ŇItŐs Not About Time:  Making the Most of One-Shots.Ó  Travel and hotel arrangements have been made.  UC San Diego paid for the arrangements and will be reimbursed by SCIL.  Katy (UC San Diego) will cover Dr. LilesŐ handouts.  Katy will obtain an abstract from Dr. Liles and will confirm the preferred schedule – 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., with registration taking place from 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.


Lynn Lampert reported Oviatt LibraryŐs meeting room can seat up to 120 attendees at roundtables.  SCIL would like to aim for 80 attendees.  Lynn will investigate campus and off-campus sites to provide breakfast and lunch and will report back via e-mail within the week.  The registration deadline will be set at April 18 – envelopes must be postmarked by this date – and the cancellation deadline will be April 29.  Attendees will be listed on the web site and Lynn will also create a wait list.  Parking will likely cost $4.00 and there are four parking lots located around the library.


Once Katy obtains Dr. LilesŐ abstract and SCIL determines the registration fee based on LynnŐs food estimates, then Debbi Renfrow and Duffy Tweedy can begin publicizing the event.


B.             SCIL Works Wrap-Up:  Evaluations & Budget


Melanie Remy reported evaluations for the January 21 SCIL Works 2005 have been posted on SCILŐs web site.  Several good ideas could be used for future SCIL programs.


Lynn Lampert distributed a TreasurerŐs Report.  77 people registered for SCIL Works and the event made $958.04 for CARL.  Lynn requested SCIL members submit receipts on the day of events so she can process reimbursements and reports in a timely manner.


C.             ACRL Workshop Update


Melanie Remy gave an update of SCILŐs ACRL workshop, ŇTrading Spaces:  Balancing Space, Technology, and Learning.Ó  The workshop will be held on Saturday, April 9, from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., with a break to view poster sessions from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  Up to 60 people can attend, and there should be six tables with 10 seats each.  Deb Moore, Amy Wallace, and Melanie met to create an outline of the session.  Deb and Melanie will also create a Ňto doÓ list for moderators and will contact SCIL steering committee members that are attending ACRL.


Katy Farrell reported that she is presenting an ACRL workshop with Marlo Young, ŇConnecting with the Net Generation: Technology & Learning.Ó  Their session will be on Saturday, April 9, from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m., with a break from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.  Katy is looking for volunteers to help with their session.



D.             LOEX 2007 Update


April Cunningham, Katy Farrell, Val Ontell, and Duffy Tweedy visited four hotels in San Diego and narrowed their choices to two – Bahia Resort Hotel in Mission Bay and Marriott Hotel in Mission Valley.  After some discussion, members expressed preference for the Bahia.  Both hotels are available on May 5-6, 2007 and fees at both sites are comparable.  Fees may exceed those of other LOEX sites, and Deb Moore will communicate this concern to Theresa Valko.


SCIL could host a pre-conference on Thursday, May 4, but there was little interest in this option.


Two or three coordinators will be necessary and committees will soon be formed.  It was requested that we add a projects site to SCILŐs web site to keep track of committee work.  These pages will not be viewable to the public and could be added to the SCIL archive once the project is completed.


E.             SCIL Archives Update


Amy Wallace brought a collection of SCIL documents archived through 1999.  There is a gap from 1999 to the present.  Amy will send out a list of key things to archive and to whom we need to give them.  It is desirable to keep meeting minutes, program flyers, and summaries of program evaluations.  Copies of these documents will go to the CARL archives and may be kept on SCILŐs web site.

V.         New Business


A.             CARL South Regional Meeting, 02/18/05


Melanie Remy reported on the CARL South Regional Meeting held on February 18 at Cal State Los Angeles.  Suellen Cox, Southern Vice President, and Jean Purnell, President, lead the meeting, and interest groups were well represented.  Discussion topics included CARLŐs Membership Directory, a potential mini-conference in the southern region, budget concerns, and CARLŐs reputation.


B.           SCIL Logo

Duffy Tweedy created some examples of a possible SCIL logo for the bookmark Debbi Renfrow created to be distributed at ACRL.  Several versions were made and members can submit feedback to Melanie Remy.


C.           Creative Use of SCIL Meetings


This discussion was tabled.


VI.        Round Robin


Melanie Remy shared an announcement from Judith Downie regarding CSUL SouthŐs program, ŇDemystifying MetaLib,Ó to be held at CSU Fullerton on Friday, April 29, 2005, from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Judith is seeking a panel member outside of the CSU system, who works with some kind of federated searching tool.


VII.       Adjournment


The next meeting will be April 22, 2005 at Soka University in Aliso Viejo. 


Minutes recorded by Emily Woolery.