SCIL Meeting Minutes


April 7, 2006

UCLA Powell Library

Los Angeles, CA





Stephanie Brasley (UCLA), Allie Carr (UCSD), April Cunningham (Saddleback College), Katy Farrell (UCSD), Sheree Fu (UCLA), Nancy Getty (Glendale College), Esther Grassian (UCLA), Maryann Hight (Soka University), Robin Lockerby (National University), Tracey Mayfield (CSU Long Beach), Deb Moore (Glendale College), Billy Pashaie (Glendale College), Melanie Remy (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College), Elisa Slater (Loyola Marymount University), Dominique Turnbow (UCLA), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands), Kimberley Wilcox (Azusa Pacific University), Carol Womack (Santa Monica College)



I.          Welcome and Introductions


II.         Agenda Approval/Adjustment


III.        Minutes


March minutes were approved electronically and Duffy Tweedy posted them to the website.


IV.        Announcements


            A.         LILi

Esther Grassian announced the plans LILi has to pursue a grant to distribute an instruction survey to public, academic, and special libraries throughout California.  This is the same survey they are currently piloting with local libraries.  This survey was evaluated for reliability and validity by Nathan Carr, with grant funding.


V.         Continuing Business


A.         CARL 2006 SCIL/CCLI Pre-conference Update

CARL responded enthusiastically to SCIL's idea to record the SCIL/CCLI Pre-conference in order to create a podcast.  UCSD can rent some of the necessary equipment to SCIL members for the conference.  Katy Farrell will inquire with Suellen Cox regarding possible funds for these rentals.

Amy Wallace reported that the pre-conference speakers are communicating via email in order to prepare remarks and avoid unnecessary repetition.


B.         Spring Program Planning Update

Debbi Renfrow presented the Spring Program agenda and the proposed evaluation form for review.  The evaluation form includes language inviting attendees to provide their contact information to CARL.


            C.         LOEX 2007 Planning


i.                LOEX Website
Allie Carr was lauded for her excellent website design.  She will incorporate the suggestions for content areas and other additions in the next iteration.  Dominique Turnbow offered to make a flyer incorporating the image of the webpage to be distributed at LOEX 06.

ii.               Keynote Speakers
Amy Wallace invites continued suggestions for speakers.


D.             SCIL Website Redesign

The redesign is in progress.  Kimberly Wilcox and Duffy Tweedy are collaborating on the project.

E.             CARL Newsletter Submissions

The deadline for the June 15 newsletter is May 10.  Maryann Hight will prepare the report on the Spring Program and submit it to the newsletter within a few days of the deadline.  Dominique Turnbow will submit an announcement calling for volunteers for LOEX 07 preparation, making it clear again that volunteering does not secure anyone's registration.

Dominique Turnbow will post an announcement to the CARL listserv when the meeting minutes get posted to the SCIL website.

F.              Soliciting non-CARL Members, CARL Executive Board

SCIL will collect contact information from program participants who wish to be contacted by CARL with membership and other information.  In an email to Katy Farrell, Judy Lee suggested the following language:

___  Yes, I am a current member of CARL.
___  No, I am not a member of CARL.
___  Please send me more information on CARL

Information collected in this way will be forwarded to the CARL Membership Chair.

G.             SCIL Table at CARL Conference Lunch

Katy Farrell will send an announcement about the SCIL table to the CARL listserv.  She will also inquire with CARL regarding additional tables assigned to SCIL.

H.             Next SCIL meeting date & location

June 2, 2006.  10:30am-1pm at Occidental College.


VI.        Round Robin


VII.       Adjournment



Minutes recorded by April Cunningham.