SCIL Meeting Minutes


December 8, 2006

CSU San Marcos

San Marcos, CA





Angela Boyd (UC Santa Barbara), Gale Burrow (Claremont College), Allie Carr (CSU San Marcos), April Cunningham (Saddleback College), Judith Downie (CSU San Marcos), Katy French (Palomar College), Nancy Getty (Glendale College), Karen Heskett (UC San Diego), Maryann Hight (Soka University), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Robin Lockerby (National University), Deb Moore (Glendale College), Val Ontell (Mesa College), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Stacy Russo (CSU Fullerton), Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College), Dominique Turnbow (UC San Diego), Duffy Tweedy (UC San Diego), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands), Kimberly Wilcox (Azusa Pacific University)



I.          Welcome and Introductions


II.         Agenda Approval/Adjustment


III.        Minutes


October minutes were approved electronically and Duffy Tweedy posted them to the SCIL website.


IV.        Announcements


            A.         2007 SCIL Officers


                        The results of the elections and appointments for 2007 SCIL Officers are:

                        Chair – Debbi Renfrow

                        Vice Chair / Chair Elect – Dominique Turnbow

                        Registrar – Nancy Getty

                        Secretary – April Cunningham

                        Web Master – Duffy Tweedy

                        Publicist – Marsha Schnirring


                        Thank you, Deb Moore, for coordinating the elections.


V.         Continuing Business


A.         SCIL Works 07

i.          SCIL Works 07 is scheduled for Feb. 2, 2007 at Cal Poly Pomona.  The

welcome will start at 9:00am and the program will run from 9:30am to 1:30pm.  Registration is now open.


ii.               Registrar, Nancy Getty, reported that due to a change in CARL policy, attendees checks can be processed sooner than was previously possible.  For example, we could now have attendees' checks processed as early as the day after the cancellation deadline rather than waiting for all event costs to be settled before checks can be processed.  This will make it easier for attendees to get reimbursed from their institutions.

iii.              The SCIL Works 07 breakout session descriptions are now available on the SCIL website.


B.         LOEX 2007 Planning


i.                Proposal selection
Groups of reviewers are making selections for the various presentation tracks.  Review team leaders will meet Dec. 14 to make final decisions.  Up to 7 student posters will be accepted.  The deadline for poster proposals is Jan 19.

ii.               Speakers
A faculty panel is being developed by Katy French for the Saturday morning general session.  This panel will consist of non-librarian faculty who teach information literacy/competency concepts in their courses in various disciplines and settings.  They will describe their experiences and offer insight on how their work relates to library-based instruction.  Preparations for this panel continue.

iii.              Local Arrangements

Duffy Tweedy has received a current list of fees from the Bahia Hotel.  He will use this updated data to make final cost calculations based on forms provided by LOEX.

C.         SCIL Description on CARL Website

Dominique Turnbow and Catherine Haras reviewed the description of SCIL for the SCIL and CARL websites and drafted proposed revisions.  The revisions were discussed and suggestions will be incorporated.  The final draft will be reviewed by Katy French before being sent to CARL for the interest group web page and posted on the SCIL website.


D.         Proposed SCIL Assessment Repository


The group discussed plans for developing a SCIL Assessment Repository.  A task force will be created by incoming Chair, Debbi Renfrow.  This group will identify goals for sharing assessment tools and analyze possible plans, including alternatives or additions to a repository.  Some of these might be hosting a day-long event on sharing assessment ideas, creating an assessment tool blog, or increasing opportunities to share assessment ideas on SCIL's established listserv.

E.         Next Meeting


Feb. 2, 1:30pm-4pm, Cal Poly Pomona (following SCIL Works).

VI.        New Business

A.         CARL Regional Meeting


Judy Lee suggested that one or more representatives from SCIL participate in a program designed to share information on CARL interest group programming.  She outlined a possible structure for this program.  The group discussed its participation and Deb Moore and Debbi Renfrow agreed to prepare SCIL's contribution to a CARL program on programming.


VII.       Round Robin

VIII.      Adjournment



Minutes recorded by April Cunningham.