SCIL Meeting Minutes


March 16, 2007

Chapman University

Orange, CA





Angela Boyd (UC Santa Barbara), Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Allie Carr (CSU San Marcos), April Cunningham (Saddleback College), Katy French (Palomar College), Nancy Getty (Glendale College), Nikki Julian (Marymount College), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Robin Lockerby (National University), Tracey Mayfield (CSU Long Beach), Deb Moore (Glendale College), Felicia Palsson (USC), Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Stacy Russo (Chapman University), Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College), Pauline Swartz (Mt. San Antonio College), Dominique Turnbow (UC San Diego), Duffy Tweedy (UC San Diego), Amy Wallace (CSU Channel Islands)



I.          Welcome and Introductions


II.         Agenda Approval/Adjustment


III.        Minutes


February minutes were approved electronically and Duffy Tweedy posted them to the SCIL website.


IV.        Announcements



V.         Continuing Business


A.         SCIL Works Review

Attendance at the annual SCIL Works program at Cal Poly Pomona on February 2, 2007 totaled 84 librarians or students, representing 44 institutions.  The majority of attendees were CARL members.


            The revenue from the event equaled all expenses.  A printed report from the Treasurer will be distributed at the next SCIL business meeting.


B.             Assessment Repository


Discussion and work continue on the preliminary steps of a possible Assessment Repository to be maintained by SCIL.  Task force members include Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Allie Carr (CSUSM), April Cunningham (Saddleback College), and Dominique Turnbow (UCSD).


C.             LOEX Planning

i.          Facilities:  Duffy Tweedy, LOEX Facilities Coordinator, increased the room block for LOEX attendees at the Bahia and that block has filled.  The Catamaran is an associate hotel about a mile from the Bahia, and has been suggested for overflow, though no formal transportation has been arranged between the two hotels.  Due to the high fees for renting hardware, including laptops and projectors, from the Bahia, SCIL has requested that SCIL membersŐ schools lend the necessary equipment.  Please contact Duffy Tweedy with more information about the equipment you or your institution would be able to supply for LOEX.  A request for equipment has been sent to the SCIL listserv.


ii.          Program:  Amy Wallace and Allie Carr will poll registrants via email to determine which sessions are likely to be most heavily attended.  Room assignments for sessions will take these results into account.  The tentative schedule for the conference is already drafted.  The Friday night presentation by Kathy Myers, an education specialist at the San Diego Zoo, and a representative from the Wildlife Company has been finalized.  Six animals will be brought for the presentation.  The keynote speaker on cognition has also been finalized.  Conference presenters are welcome to bring handouts for their sessions.  If they send their materials to Amy by a deadline to be determined, then their duplicating will be handled by the Program Chair or committee.  Registration fees were due on March 16.


iii.         Communications:  Tracey Mayfield, LOEX Communications Coordinator, reported that 2 minority scholarships have been awarded to LOEX attendees.  The conference website is being updated continuously by Allie Carr.  The local page is being developed and will include restaurant recommendations.   


VI.        New Business


A.             SCIL / DIAL Joint Program

A representative from DIAL approached Debbi Renfrow with a suggestion that SCIL and DIAL plan a joint program on the subject of diversity issues relevant to instruction.  Possible opportunities for collaboration were identified: SCIL Works 2008 or a CARL 2008 Pre-Conference.  Felicia Palsson was in attendance as a representative from DIAL.


B.         Next Meeting

April 13, 10:30am-12pm, Bahia Hotel, San Diego, CA.  A tour of the Bahia facilities will follow the meeting at 12:30pm.

VII.          Round Robin

VIII.         Adjournment



Minutes recorded by April Cunningham.