SCIL Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2007
Hebrew Union College
Los Angeles, CA



Elisa Slater (Loyola Maryount University), Nikki Julian (University of Southern California), Stephanie Rosenblatt (CSU Fullerton), Will Breitbach (CSU Fullerton), Ellie Tayag (CSU Channel Islands), Sheryl Stahl (Hebrew Union College), Shana Higgins (University of Redlands), Eric P. Garcia (CSU Northridge), Pauline Swartz (Mt. San Antonio College), Janet Ziegler (CSU Channel Islands), Deb Moore (Glendale College), Nancy Getty (Glendale College), Alex Chappell (Claremont Colleges), Kimberley Wilcox (Azusa Pacific University)  

I.                Welcome and Introductions
Meeting was chaired by Deb Moore, standing in for Debbi Renfrow.

II.             Round Robin
Discussion about promoting for-credit library instruction courses. Glendale Community College needs part-time instructors for its library workshop program.

III.           Agenda Approval/Adjustment
Agenda was not available for approval.

IV.           Minutes
Minutes from Oct. 12 meeting at Saddleback College have not yet been posted to the SCIL web site.

V.              Continuing Business

a.     SCIL Elections
New officers for 2008 were announced.
Vice-chair/chair elect: April Cunningham
Secretary: Kimberley Wilcox
Program Registrar: Nikki Julian
Incoming Chair: Dominique Turnbow

b.     SCIL Works
SCIL Works 2008 will take place on January 25th, 2008, at the Libraries of the Claremont Colleges. Claremont is not charging a fee for the location, so food will be SCILŐs only cost. The registration fee is still being determined. Registration for SCIL Works will begin soon. Dominique Turnbow is in charge of the program, and a request was made for her to send information about the selected proposals to the SCIL steering list.
Discussion: Last year, SCIL paid all presentersŐ registration fees. Concern arose when an unexpected number of presenters showed up at the event. Should SCIL continue to comp presentersŐ registration costs? Should the number of presenters be limited? Consensus was that SCIL should not limit the number of presenters at SCIL Works, but should only comp two registration fees for each session. The two free registrations will be given to the first two presenters listed on each selected proposal. This policy will go into effect for SCIL Works 2009.

VI.           New Business

a.     SCIL Web Site
CARL would like to host all interest group web sites on its own server, so the SCIL Web site will be transferred over from its current URL. Duffy Tweedy, the SCIL Webmaster, will oversee this process. There was consensus that it would be best to complete the transfer before registration begins for SCIL Works 2008.

b.     CARL Conference
Update from Debbi Renfrow (serving as 2008 CARL Conference Chair): The 2008 CARL conference will be held in Irvine in April. Proposals have been selected, and the conference Web site will be up soon. Registration costs will be increasing to $275 for CARL members (regular registration), and $375 for non-CARL-members/late registration (through March). Fees will include all sessions, all pre-conferences, and lunches and snacks during the conference.

c.     SCIL E-mail Lists
There was a question about how often the SCIL e-mail lists are updated with new SCIL member information. We need to make sure that all SCIL members are added to the SCIL steering listserv. Kimberley Wilcox will talk to Debbi Renfrow, Dominique Turnbow, Marsha Schnirring, and Duffy Tweedy to figure out how to streamline this process.

VII.         Upcoming Meetings
February 22, 2008, at CSU Fullerton

VIII.      Adjournment/Tour of HUC


Minutes recorded by Kimberley Wilcox