SCIL Meeting Minutes
Occidental College

April 11, 2008


  1. Share & learn, 10:30-11:15 am: Kerry Spears from Casa Loma College spoke about the library's role in the accreditation process.
  2. Welcome & introductions




Steering List?

Dominique Turnbow



Kimberley Wilcox



Catherine Haras



Robin Lockerby

National University


Nikki Julian



Judy Lee



Gayatri Singh



Shana Higgins

University of Redlands


Sheryl Stahl

Hebrew Union College


Eric P. Garcia



Pauline Swartz



Kerry Spears

Casa Loma College


Frederic Ranber

Woodbury University


Stephanie Rosenblatt



April Cunningham

Saddleback College


Nancy Getty

Glendale College


Marsha Schnirring

Occidental College



  1. Approval of minutes from March 2008: posted to SCIL web site and approved.
  2. Announcements & updates:
    1. Thank you from Allie Carr: Allie sent her thanks for SCIL's baby gift.
    2. SCIL lists update: Currently, SCIL's listservs are maintained by Duffy Tweedy and are hosted at UCSD, but this has been difficult to maintain. Dominique would like to move these to the CARL server. The general SCIL list will include all CARL members who select SCIL as an interest group. The SCIL steering list is a subset of SCIL-all and will be used to solicit ideas and assistance from SCIL members for program planning, etc. Dominique will also create a SCIL executive list that includes SCIL board members.
    3. SCIL dinner at CARL: Dinner was held at McCormick & Schmick's on Friday night at the CARL conference. 28 people attended.
  3. Continuing business:
    1. Spring program planning: SCIL's spring program will be held on May 23rd at Azusa Pacific University. The program will feature Toni Davies, a Kaizen management consultant who will address issues of time management and planning. April passed out a copy of the Spring Program, which used the new CARL budget planning spreadsheet. Registration fees will be $60 for CARL members, $90 for non-members, and $30 for students. Registration will open by April 21st and will close on May 14th. Items needed include name tag inserts and flip charts/easels for collaboration at tables. Discussion about publicizing the event: will be advertised on SCIL, CARL, and ILI listservs. April will send out a survey to SCIL members soliciting information about topics for Toni to cover; a draft of this survey was distributed and discussed. Nikki will ask program registrants to fill out the survey ASAP so that Toni can incorporate audience analysis into her presentation.
    2. ACRL proposal planning: SCIL is considering preparing a workshop/program for the 2009 ACRL conference. An interest group was formed at the March meeting and has been brainstorming via email. The topic of avoiding burnout for early-career instruction librarians was suggested. Issues which could be addressed include strategies for time management and keeping instruction content fresh. It was decided that a workshop was preferable to a pre-conference, which would cost extra money. Dominique will set up a wiki for discussion and planning; April and Dominique will put together a proposal to be posted to the wiki for comments. Dominique will ask the CARL leadership about whether SCIL needs to collaborate with the ACRL Instruction Section before submitting a proposal that addresses instruction.
  4. New business: None
  5. Upcoming meetings & programs
    1. Spring program: Friday, May 23rd
    2. Summer social: No time for a business meeting after the spring program, so Dominique proposed a summertime business meeting/social event in July, with a full de-briefing on the Spring Program at the Fall meeting. Location: possibly a train ride to CSU Channel Islands?
    3. Fall meeting: Tentatively set for September 12th, 2008
  6. Round Robin:
    1. Marsha encouraged everyone to attend the IS soiree at the ALA conference, to be held Friday, June 27th, from 5:30-7 at the Tangerine Grill.
    2. Discussion about how instruction librarians' jobs might need to be restructured in the future.
    3. Azusa Pacific University has a job opening for a head of reference and instruction.