SCIL Business Meeting

December 12, 2008

Mt. San Antonio College

Attendance: Dominique Turnbow (UCSD), Pearl Ly (CSUSM), Allie Carr (CSUSM), Eric Garcia (CSUN), Susie Chin (Glendale College), Debbi Renfrow (UCR), Nancy Getty (Glendale College), Chisa Uyeki (Mt. SAC), Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges); Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College), Kerry Spears (Casa Loma College), Karen Heskett (UCSD), Alex Chappell (Claremont College), Christina Sheldon (CSULA), Will Breitbach (CSUF), Adolfo Prieto (CSUF), Stephanie Rosenblatt (CSUF), Tina Breitbach (UCI), Kimberley Wilcox (APU), Becky Russo (APU), April Cunningham (Saddleback College)

Minutes taken by: Kimberley Wilcox


1.     Meeting was preceded by a Share & Learn discussion of an article: Norgaard, R. (2004). Writing information literacy in the classroom. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 43(3), 220-226.

2.     Welcome + introductions

3.     September 2008 minutes approval and adjustments

a.     Minutes were approved via email and posted to the SCIL web site

4.     Announcements + updates

a.     New SCIL officers: Debbi Renfrow announced the new SCIL officers. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College); Secretary: Gayatri Singh (UC San Diego); Registrar: Stephanie Rosenblatt (CSU Fullerton); Publicist: Eric Garcia (CSU Northridge)

b.     SCIL lists: SCIL listservs have been moved to a CARL server. There are 3 SCIL lists: SCIL-All (received by all identified SCIL interest group members; new CARL/SCIL members can contact Duffy to be added outside of normal membership update periods); SCIL Steering (intended for all SCIL members who want to be involved in SCIL activities and programs); SCIL Executive board list (elected and appointed SCIL officers)

c.     CARL executive board meeting report: Dominique was elected to the CARL executive board and reported on several items of interest

                                               i.     CARL Facebook page: used to promote interest group activities; everyone is invited to join

                                             ii.     New CARL web site: CARL is launching its new web site in January. SCILŐs web site will be moved to the CARL server. SCIL may want to talk about examining its web content, logo, and structure to fit the new template. Discussion ensued about including new media options such as blogs, wikis, etc. A SCIL interest group was formed to clean up the web content and investigate new technologies for the SCIL web site. Anyone interested in helping with this should contact April Cunningham.

                                            iii.     CARL media release form: CARL has a media release waiver which may be useful as SCIL begins to explore alternative methods of providing programs (e.g., webcasts, podcasts, program recordings)

5.     Continuing business

a.     SCIL works (Feb. 6th at CSU San Marcos): CARL will have a regional meeting at CSUSM following SCIL Works for anyone who is interested in staying for that meeting.

                                               i.     Proposals: SCIL Works will feature four presentations in three slots to offer more variety to attendees, plus three posters. Presentations will focus on reflective practices in teaching and pedagogy. There was a discussion about whether sessions should be recorded for distribution; should this be an option for SCIL Works attendees or be posted for free access on the Internet?

                                             ii.     Logistics, registration information: Costs: $10 students; $15 for CARL members; $30 for non-CARL members. Student costs are higher than in the past to cover food costs. Registration should be open by early January; a note will be sent out in mid-December reminding people to watch for the registration opening. Registration usually fills up quickly.

                                            iii.     Two volunteers are needed to write a short article for CARL newsletter summarizing the presentations. Volunteers will be chosen the day of the program.

6.     Upcoming meetings + programs

a.     Future meetings: Next meeting will likely be in February 2009, after SCIL Works. Email April with location or date suggestions.

7.     New business

a.     Passing of the gavel: Dominique passed the gavel to SCILŐs new chair, April Cunningham.

8.     Round robin

a.     Glendale College will be hiring adjuncts to teach workshops and two-credit information competency courses; contact Nancy Getty if interested in teaching.

b.     CSUSM is looking for a new library dean.

c.     CSUF will have a systems librarian position opening soon.

d.     April gave an update on SCILŐs proposal to write a letter to UCLA expressing disappointment about the decision to stop offering its information literacy course. April learned that UCLA will offer the course in the spring, so this proposal was abandoned. There was a discussion about whether SCIL could write a white paper on the importance of library schools offering coursework on information literacy instruction; this idea may be explored further in the future. The idea was proposed for SCIL to develop some kind of curriculum for internship training in library instruction.

9.     Adjournment: 12:30pm