SCIL Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2008
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA




Debbi Renfrow (UC Riverside), Tracey Mayfield (CSU Long Beach), April Cunningham (Saddleback College), Dominique Turnbow (UC San Diego), Deb Moore (Glendale College), Nancy Getty (Glendale College), Chisa Uyeki (Mt. San Antonio College), Tina Breitbach, Will Breitbach (CSU Fullerton), Stephanie Rosenblatt (CSU Fullerton), Joy Lambert (CSU Fullerton), Marsha Schnirring (Occidental College), Judy Lee (UC Riverside), Kerry Spears (Casa Loma College), Nikki Julian (University of Southern California), Alex Chappell (Claremont Colleges), Gayatri Singh (UC San Diego), Karen Heskett (UC San Diego), Pauline Swartz (Mt. San Antonio College), Stephanie Brasley (CSU Office of the Chancellor), Sheryl Stahl (Hebrew Union College), Gale Burrow (Claremont Colleges), Eric Garcia (CSU Northridge), Kimberley Wilcox (Azusa Pacific University) 


I.                Welcome and Introductions
Meeting was chaired by Dominique Turnbow.

II.             Agenda Approval/Adjustment
Agenda was approved with two additions from Marsha Schnirring: a discussion about SCIL email lists and an announcement about the Instruction Section Soiree.

III.           Minutes
Minutes from the November 2007 meeting at Hebrew Union College were approved electronically and have been posted to the SCIL web site.

IV.           Announcements

a.     SCIL Web Site
The SCIL web site was moved to the CARL server. This move will give us more storage space. The CARL web site is undergoing a redesign and will include a new CARL logo and a possible members-only section.

b.     SCIL E-mail Lists
Are the current e-mail lists working correctly? Some members reported that they were not receiving messages as expected. Dominique will work with Duffy Tweedy (SCIL web master) to investigate this.

c.     Instruction Section Soiree at the ALA Annual Conference
Marsha and Kimberley gave details about the ACRL Instruction Section Soiree, to take place during the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. All SCIL members are welcome, including those not attending the conference, and ALA/ACRL/IS membership is not required. The Soiree will he held on Friday, June 27th, from 5:30 to 7 PM at the Tangerine Grill and Patio, located across from the Disneyland Resort at the Anabella Hotel. Announcements will go out soon, and Kimberley Wilcox will collect RSVPs.

V.              Continuing Business

a.     SCIL Works 2008 Debrief
Dominique distributed copies of evaluations of SCIL Works 2008. Reviews were generally positive. Nikki Julian presented figures for the event: 78 paying registrants, 11 presenters, SCIL made $1145 on registration, the program costs (food) totaled $833.30, leaving a balance of +$311.70; extra money goes into the CARL general fund. A discussion ensued about requesting these funds from CARL for future events; SCIL is viewed positively by the CARL board, and we should not have problems requesting funding from them.

VI.           New Business

a.     SCIL Dinner at CARL Conference
Dominique would like to have a dinner for SCIL members on Friday evening during the CARL Conference in Irvine. Conference attendance is not required in order to attend the dinner. Dominique will find a restaurant, send the details out to CARL-ALL, and collect RSVPs.

b.     SCIL Steering List
Discussion about the purpose of the steering listserv, and who should receive messages from it. Its original purpose was to accomplish tasks related to programs, and those who attended business meetings were added to the list. Should this practice continue, or should the list be limited to current and past SCIL board members? Discussion points:
-There is a main SCIL list; it includes all who select SCIL as an interest group on their CARL registration forms.
-The SCIL bylaws say that the steering committee is made up of those who attend business meetings.
-What about those who only attend meetings occasionally?
General consensus: Dominique will create a structured meeting attendance form that includes the option to sign up for the SCIL steering listserv, with the expectation that those who sign up will participate in program planning. The list will be reviewed annually.

c.     ACRL Meeting – Does SCIL want to submit a proposal?
Discussion about whether SCIL should host a pre-conference or workshop at the 2009 ACRL National Conference in Seattle. Many expressed interest, and an e-mail list will be set up to collect ideas. Proposals are due May 12.

d.     SCIL Spring Program Planning
The 2008 SCIL Spring Program will be held on May 23, 2008 at Azusa Pacific University. April and Dominique have begun planning the program. The keynote speaker will be Toni Davies, a consultant on the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. The program will most likely focus on problem solving, needs assessment, time management, and decision making when one lacks control over the external environment. Toni would like suggestions from SCIL members about possible topics; April and Dominique will send out a survey to solicit ideas.
Registration costs were discussed, and the following prices were decided: $60 for CARL members, $90 for non-members, and $25 for students.

VII.         Upcoming Meetings

a.     April 11, 2008, at Occidental College. Directions and RSVP information will be sent out later.

b.     Share & Learn at Future Meetings?
In the past, SCIL meetings included a time of discussion on topics related to information literacy, library instruction, and assessment. A 45-minute pre-meeting discussion on accreditation and information literacy is planned for SCILÕs April meeting.

VIII.      Round Robin

a.     Occidental College is looking for a College Librarian.

b.     USC has an open Senior Associate Dean position.

c.     UCR has two open positions: one in collection management, and one for licensing and copyright.

d.     Discussion about Zotero (an open source bibliographic management extension for Firefox), and its advantages and disadvantages vis-ˆ-vis EndNote and RefWorks. Marsha Schnirring offers workshops at Occidental College on using Zotero.

IX.           Adjournment


Minutes recorded by Kimberley Wilcox